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Rahmenbauteile - Columbus Hauptrohre - Maintubes
Rahmenbauteile - Columbus Sitzrohre - Seattubes
Rahmenbauteile - Steuerrohre - Headtubes

Rahmenbauteile - Columbus Sitzstreben - Seatstays
Rahmenbauteile - Columbus Kettenstreben - Chainstays
Rahmenbauteile - Steuerrohre - Headtubes

Columbus Rahmenrohre


Columbus XCR

Stainless, Seamless, Performance

  • The Jewel of the crown, top-range tubeset
  • The only biphasic stainless seamless tube family available in the cycling industry
  • Tripled and Double butted tube reinforces
  • Seamless-technology, improved stiffness and mechanical properties
  • Reduced thickness, down to 0.4mm for an extremely reduced weight
  • Excellent weldability
  • High corrosion resistance in long-term periods in every use and weather condition
  • Exceptional resistance to Stress Corrosion Cracking
  • Ultra smooth surface (Ra<0.4)
  • No need to be painted or clear-coated after polishing
  • Made in Italy

Columbus SPIRIT

Top-performance road race

  • Triple butted Niobium alloy seamless tubeset
  • Reduced thickness, down to 0.38mm
  • Exceptional machanical characteristics
  • High tensile strength, superior resilence and incredible fatique resistance
  • Special HSS shaping available, designed to optimize oriented strength
  • Excellent tube-surface finishing and highly controlled alloy-composition, regular and close to nominal for an excellent weld bead
  • Visual Quality Control inspection and marking of each tube
  • incomparable strength/ weight ratio 
  • Made in Italy

Columbus MAX

High-performance revolutionary road-race

  • Triple butted Niobium alloy seamless tubeset
  • The first-ever and originally patented non-round tube-set of the cycling history
  • Tubes shaped according to stress-direction
  • Elliptical and oriented oversized sections for an increased momentum of inertia to better face and respond to the stress-direction in the various areas of the frame, giving an extremely improved performance
  • Maximized stiffness, reduced thickness, weight and power-dispersion
  • Made in Italy

Columbus SL

Super Leggera, The "Soul of Cycling"

  • Double butted Niobium seamless alloy
  • The most famous Columbus round set
  • Hi-performance, imperial dimensions
  • Exclusive laminated fork blades, tapered on shaped-mandrels for an improved structure and lightness
  • Wide range with multiple diameters, thicknesses and reinforces
  • Meets both lugged and TIG-welded frame needs
  • Evergreen specifications updated to new technologies and alloys
  • Double butted tubes, cold worked and stress relieved
  • Made in Italy

Columbus LIFE

Oversize, lightness, resistance

  • Triple butted Niobium alloy seamless tubeset
  • Freedom in frame-design & tubes-composition
  • Excellent resistance/ weight ratio, combined with a wide range of possible shapes, bends & modifications
  • Oversized tubes available for the DT (Ø42mm) and the ST (Ø25mm)
  • Exceptional mechanical characteristics
  • High breaking load, superior tenacity and incredible fatique endurance
  • Wide range of specifications: Road, CX, Gravel, Track, MTB
  • Made in Italy

Columbus ZONA

All-purpose hi-resistance tubes family

  • Triple/ Double butted 25CroMo4 alloy seamless tubeset
  • Moderate weight and high strength
  • Multiple possible shapes, triangle and stays
  • Increased wall-thicknesses and butted lengths in strategic tube areas
  • Great reliability and fatique  life
  • Perfect solution for offroad and training purpose
  • Great to mix with lighter Columbus sets for an improved resistance in the most stredded areas
  • Godd resistance to heating during the welding process
  • Made in Italy

Columbus CROMOR

All-purpose hi-resistance tubes family

  • Double & Single butted 25CroMo4 alloy
  • Competitive and easy weld & braze
  • The legendary tubeset, starting point of many designs & builders
  • Reinforced in the welding/ junction areas up to 0.8/0.9/1.2mm
  • Tubes with reduced thickness down to 0.5/0.6mm
  • Top reliability even in the most demanding and stressing conditions
  • Long-lasting properties and performance even after heavy-duty use
  • Improved performances thanks to multiple cold-drawn & strss-relief processes
  • Made in Italy

Columbus ANTI-DENT

The all-new Ant-Dent treatment is a localized thermal hardening process capable of countering dents caused by an impact or collision (denting), with particular attention paid to the central areas of the tubes which are thinner and lighter.


All the Columbus alloys allows us to obtain extraordinary results in the reduction of wall thickness, which, however, normally leads to a higher risk of denting or warping in the event of

an impact. In order to overcome this disadvantage, the alloy is treated with a special Anti-Dent process capable of increasing the elastic limit of the material preventing unlucky dents in the most exposed and lightened areas.


All of this is achieved without altering the areas that will undergo welding, where a thermal treatment

would compromise the stability of the structure during the welding phase.

Columbus Tubes: leider können wir momentan das Komplett-programm nicht aufrecht erhalten.

Columbus Tubes - Spezifikationen

Erklärung zu den Rohrbezeichnungen und Aufschlüsselung der Artikelnummer


Mit dieser Übersicht wird erklärt, welche Informationen die Columbus Artikelnummern beinhalten. Wir verwenden die gleichen Bezeichnungen.

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Columbus Tubes - Formen

Viele Rohre werden in diversen Formen angeboten, hier ist eine Auflistung aus dem aktuellen Columbus Lieferprogramm. Da wir meist auch alle Varianten an

Lager führen, können wir auch auf besondere Wünsche konkret eingehen und kurzfristig liefern.


Seid kreativ - steel is real!

Columbus Rohr Formen
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